​(Operation Save Our Future)
We aimed to devise a program that is built to adapt the child’s need, not forcing the child to adapt to the program and what has worked for others. We believe every child is different and has different needs, so we will provide the same strong foundation and a successful path with our programs for:        
Volunteer work
Scholarship programs
Merit Programs

To name a few, we will also structure different parts of the program to cater to the child’s individual needs, such as

age groups activities
Gender specific activities
Coping mechanisms
Counseling 1 on 1 and group sessions

     We are trying to prevent kids from going down the wrong path and messing up their lives, not by waiting until they get in court or juvenile services but by helping now, a mother wants help now, a father wants help now. a family wants HELP NOW!! 
Let's help NOW!!

OSOF is a new program designed to help children find some direction. To give a little guidance to those who stray, to offer a hand to families that struggle with day to day events and life. We want to show our children that they are the future and can have a bright future if only they put forth the effort and keep the faith. We will provide every resource we have and can find to give these kids what they need to make it through while teaching them to have self-discipline and a humble spirit. Come join us through volunteering, donating, sponsoring or even speaking to our children. After all, we should 'teach them well and let them lead the way'
We aim to be a positive voice in a chorus of chaos, a shelter of hope in a storm of hopelessness, and a ladder of truth in the well of lies. We plan to give these kids any and every resource we have, to make sure they know that there is light at the end of that tunnel, that it doesn’t always have to get worse before it gets better.
It all Started with myself having issues with my boys. Nothing that was criminal or anything, just some of the decisions they were making were not in their own best interest, and if not attended to could have been much worse. When I reached out for help, there was no one in sight. Everyone said, 'Well he would have to be involved in the court system.' Or they would say 'if the courts get involved we will help.'  I don't know about you but I refuse to sit back and wait for that. So I came up with this program. "Our history is currently being made as we speak. We plan to be history in the making!​"
We are you. No, literally! OSOF is comprised of the volunteers who can donate their time to help facilitate and help create new projects. Members who have dedicated themselves to this mission fulltime currently reside in Iowa. Contact us if you want to learn how to bring this movement to your city.